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We provide high-end musical scores (composing/arranging) and affordable audio engineering (recording/editing/mixing/mastering) services for musicians, bands, filmmakers and companies.

*Professional mixing & mastering services have become available for everybody, thanks to the internet. No need to book an expensive studio and travel there, in order to get your audio finished! Using the internet to do the job saves money – YOUR money! Just send us your project, stems or other material (via dropbox, wetransfer, etc.) and we’ll discuss your desired final result. We will provide a professional first mix in just a few days. Then we discuss any necessary changes, which are (in most of the cases) free of charge. We work, until you are 100% satisfied with what you get. At the end of the day, it is YOUR name on the record, so YOU need to be completely happy.*

Also, we’re very experienced when it comes to photo- and film editing, as well as video post-processing (editing/color grading/transcoding/rendering). We use the complete Adobe CC bundle and Cubase 7.5 with the latest plug-ins from the worlds leading companies like Red Giant, Nik, videocopilot.com, Blackmagic, filmconvert, Waves, 112db, Slate Digital, HOFA, Vienna, 8Dio, NI, EastWest and (NEW!) Camelaudio for all projects.

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Action Strings Sync Error


Just a quick heads up for all those struggling with syncing NI’s Action Strings. Yesterday we had the problem, that the AS-phrases were out of sync with our DAW-host (Cubase 7.5) after re-loading the project. We read a lot of posts in several forums, that this problem seems to be quite common. Here’s our simple solution: Make sure your project is in 44 or 88 KHz. We converted our 48 KHz project down to 44 KHz and everything was in sync afterwards.

Keep on rockin’ :-)

Piano, Re-Invented

The goal was high: Create a piano-solo sound that is as intimate as if you were sitting right besides the artist, in front of the instrument. We had to capture all those natural sounds from hammers, dampers, etc., without losing the warm characteristics and sound of this quality SCHIMMEL piano. Here is the result:

This is the first song of a series to be recorded in the artist’s sitting room. A private concert, so to say – stay tuned!

“This sound is absolutely phenominal”, says the artist, Dirk Maassen. Well, goal achieved … ;-)

From NYC: St. Lucia And “ELEVATE”

They are one of the most popular showacts in New York City these days: St. Lucia! Their fabulous style reminds immediately of the good old 80′s.

When it comes to sound, soundset is the place to go (well, virtually over the internet of course …). We have pushed the song to the limits – check it out: